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Livestock advice

Your district veterinarian is a valuable resource for locally relevant, up-to-date, independent advice and information on biosecurity and animal health issues.

Livestock producers can access their district veterinarian to increase their livestock health and profitability or to address livestock biosecurity concerns. Contact us to be put in touch with your district vet.

Role of the district veterinarian

The district veterinarian contributes to the animal biosecurity and welfare service of Local Land Services including prevention, preparedness, detection and response activities to animal diseases and animal welfare, in line with state and national objectives.

They help safeguard the NSW economy, environment and community and meet national and state standards and outcomes.

District veterinarians implement innovative and strategic policies to deal with new and emerging animal biosecurity and welfare issues, addressing industry and community expectations.

They collaborate and interact with staff  from multiple agencies during emergency management responses.

Planning for dry times

We have teamed up with Sheep Connect NSW and NSW Department of Primary Industries to plan out a series of webinars designed to help you plan for and make informed decisions about your livestock and crops, should seasonal conditions remain dry.

Recordings of the dry times webinar series are now accessible on the Sheep Connect website.