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Our statewide Board

The statewide Local Land Services Board is responsible for safeguarding the delivery of state-wide priorities in accordance with our Strategic Plan and Charter Letter from the Minister for Primary Industries. This includes:

  • determining and approving strategy and policy for Local Land Services
  • approving the organisational structure of Local Land Services at the highest level
  • implementing a clear accountability framework to deliver the strategy
  • over-sighting financial management
  • enabling and monitoring regional performance
  • monitoring the risk management of Local Land Services and setting the risk appetite
  • accountability to customers, stakeholders and investors for our organisation's performance
  • meeting and monitoring regulatory compliance
  • promoting the reputations and benefits of Local Land Services at the state level.

Our statewide Local Land Services Chair is responsible for the leadership of the statewide Board, and is appointed by the Minister for Primary Industries.

Our statewide Board is made up of each of the Chairs of local Boards.

Our Chairs of local Boards were appointed March 2017 for up to four years as follows: