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Fox baiting groups

Timing is everything

Group fox baiting during March is a key time for fox control as it targets young foxes. They are dispersing into new areas to set up their home territory.

Follow up baiting again in July has a significant impact on fox numbers. This is before vixens give birth to their cubs. Low fox numbers minimises fox predation on lambs.

Fox baiting groups work

Areas where group fox baiting is done have significantly less foxes. Spotlight counts done in the Dubbo area have shown that fox numbers are 86% less in group fox baiting areas compared to non baiting areas.

Baiting for foxes results in 10% more lambs for the average sheep producer. With the good lamb prices this makes it a very worthwhile program for sheep producers to participate in.

Take care of your dogs

Landholders not participating in fox baiting programs are reminded of the risk to dogs if their neighbours are taking part. People should take precautions not to let their dogs stray onto properties that are fox baiting.

Fox baiting groups

For more information about your area's fox baiting group, contact your local Biosecurity Officer.