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Logo and branding guidelines

Our logo is available to our partners for events and programs we support.

It is available as:

  • JPEG (.jpeg) for general use
  • Extended metafile (.emf) for use in Microsoft applications
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png) for web use
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) for InDesign and professional design work.

Hints and tips

Please do:

  • we prefer you to use the two-colour logo (red and blue one)
  • the single colour (mono) version can be used where printing in black and white
  • it should be applied to a white or light background
  • black or white mono versions should used when you need maximum contrast with the background
  • the reverse white logo is available for dark backgrounds when colour is not possible
  • keep clear space around the logo to make sure it is not crowded
  • a good rule of thumb is to keep a distance same as the height of 'N' in NSW in the logo
  • 15 mm is the smallest minimum logo height
  • for an A4 sized document we recommend 20 mm high.

Please don't:

  • add text in the clear space around logo
  • change the logo proportions
  • rotate the logo
  • place the logo over an image or textured background
  • change the logo colours
  • fade the logo
  • remove the clear space.

Download our logos...

For further information contact our communications team...