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Local Land Services boards hit the ground running

Local Land Services board members met in Dubbo this week as the full boards begin their role with the organisation.

The board members are comprised of the 34 people who were successfully elected in June and the 45 people appointed by the Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair, earlier this year.

Acting Chair of the Local Land Services Board, Richard Bull said the 79 local board members were a vital link between the organisation and the communities it serves.

“Local Land Services helps secure the future of agriculture and our natural assets for the communities of NSW,” Mr Bull said.

“Each of our 11 regions has its own local board and our board members are essential to making sure that the needs and concerns of our customers in rural and regional NSW are heard and met.

“Some of the board members are new while others are returning to boards they have served since 2014, so we have a mix of experience and fresh ideas.

“Many of the boards have already held meetings but this is an opportunity to get together, meet with key staff and confirm major priorities, policies and protocols that relate to Local Land Services across the state.

“The two-day meeting will reinforce the many services we provide to a wide range of customers, Minister Blair’s highest priorities and how they can most effectively help deliver for the people of their local communities.

“We are spearheading a number of reforms to protect our environment against pests, diseases and environmental threats as well as helping to grow agricultural productivity and healthy environments.

“These include the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015, which came into effect on 1 July 2017 and changes to the way biodiversity and native vegetation are managed, which begin later this month.  It’s essential that our board members have the latest information about these reforms and the other services we offer,” Mr Bull said.

Chair of the Central West Local Land Services Board, Susan Madden, said the meeting was very beneficial.

“Having an opportunity such as this to come together and find out where our respective skills, interests and experience lies as Local Land Services representatives has been invaluable,” Ms Madden said.


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