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Now is the time for fox baiting: Local Land Services

As fox baiting season begins, landholders are encouraged to work with Local Land Services and neighbours to control this damaging feral species.

Autumn is a very effective time for fox control as young foxes are moving into new areas to set up their home territory.

Fox baiting programs improve lambing percentages, reduce disease spread and limit their impact on native fauna.

Areas with group fox baiting have significantly fewer foxes, reports Central West Local Land Services Biosecurity Officer, Rhett Robinson.

"Spotlight counts have shown that fox numbers are 86% less in group fox baiting areas compared to non-baiting areas," Rhett said.

"Baiting for foxes can result in 10% more lambs for the average sheep producer. This makes baiting a very worthwhile program to participate in.”

Central west Local Land Services is currently working with landholders and fox baiting groups to control this damaging pest species.

Landholders should bait sooner rather than later to complement current baiting activity. Follow up baiting in late winter is another key time to control foxes.

"Baiting again in July also significantly limits fox populations—this is just before fox birthing season, so reduces new fox populations,” Rhett said.

If people are unable to make local group meetings, accredited landholders can contact their Local Land Services office to arrange a time to pick up baits.

Landholders are reminded of the risk to dogs during fox baiting season. People should take precautions not to let their dogs stray onto properties that are fox baiting.

For more information on fox control and local group meetings contact Local Land Services on 1300 795 299 or visit


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