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Board meeting in Coonamble focuses on travelling stock reserves

The Board of Central West Local Land Services met at Coonamble today as part of its regular meeting schedule, which aims to give board members a chance to appreciate conditions across the region and to understand the issues concerning local landholders and ratepayers.

Chair of the Central West Local Land Services Board, Susan Madden said the main focus of the meeting was on travelling stock reserves (TSRs) and the work Local Land Services is doing to maintain them.

The board visited several TSRs along the Gulargumbone Rd, including one with a dam that had recently been desilted.

“Today’s meeting at Coonamble was a good chance for some of us to see first-hand how dry things are in this part of the region and to understand the work our staff have been doing recently,” Ms Madden said.

“A lot of people have been attending the smoko sessions at our Coonamble office to gain advice on animal welfare issues and it is encouraging to see those opportunities taken up with our district vets.

“As well as a forum for advice, these sessions are also providing a support network for farmers who are feeling stressed about the dry times.”

A key focus of the board meeting was Local Land Services’ role in maintaining TSRs, which can be beneficial for local communities in times of drought, bushfire and flood.

“Our challenge is to manage these parcels of land to strike a balance between the needs of travelling or grazing stock and the conservation of native species,” Ms Madden said

“While the dry conditions are proving challenging for most landholders, they have also presented an opportunity to inject some funding into TSR maintenance work.

“We have been able to desilt some of the dams on TSRs across the region and to carry our weeds inspections so we know where to focus our attention.”

A number of local contractors have been engaged to undertake dam desilting in the Coonamble area.

Since February, six dams have been desilted, at a cost of more than $44,000. Another five dams are scheduled for desilting in the next six weeks.

Historically, TSRs are parcels of Crown land reserved under legislation for use by travelling stock.

Local Land Services is responsible for the care, control and maintenance of almost 500,000 ha of TSRs across NSW that provide pasture reserves for travelling or grazing stock and also used for public recreation, apiary sites and for conservation.


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