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Have you got your glovebox guide to Central West weeds?

Central West Local Land Services, through the Central West Regional Weeds committee, have developed and released a comprehensive guide to regional weeds.

The ‘Weeds of the Central West’ glovebox guide was recently launched in Dubbo by committee Chairman Peter Shinton, and contains extensive information relating to regionally prevalent weeds.

Further to this, the guide highlights each species regional priority, impact, methods of reproduction, spread and control.

Peter said recent drought conditions have depleted groundcover, removing competition for light, nutrients, moisture and space.

“The recent sporadic rainfall across much of the region is definitely well received, however as a result we will likely see an increase in on-farm weed infestations,”

One of the core principles of the Biosecurity Act is that biosecurity is a shared responsibility, meaning that anyone who knows, or ought to know, that a weed incursion poses a risk, should take all reasonable and practical measures to minimise or eliminate that risk.

“By drawing on information contained in the guide, weeds can be easily identified and appropriate control methods put in place to minimise spread” Peter said.

Central West Local Land Services General Manager Andrew Mulligan said the committee is working toward delivery of the Central West Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan.

“The contributions of the committee in developing the guide will ultimately see an increase in land managers knowledge and awareness of weeds at a local level”. Andrew said

Peter said that drawing on the committees’ localised knowledge has been a significant contributing factor in gaining an understanding of weeds across the Central West.

“I would like to thank both the committee members and Central West Local Land Services staff for their commitment and input into the process”.

To obtain a copy of the ‘Weeds of the Central West’ glovebox guide, contact Jodie Lawler on 0437 842 214 or call in to your nearest Central West Local Land Services office.

To review the Central West Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan, visit


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