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Green pick in the feeding mix at ag events

With seasonal updates scheduled for Narromine, Warren, Armatree, Baradine and the “Drought Smoko” events starting up in Dubbo, there will be opportunities for farmers to discuss their nutrition and pasture questions with local experts.

Central West Local Land Services Mixed Farming Officer Callen Thompson said producers should assess how much feed they actually have before deciding to re-introduce stock onto green paddocks.

“Whilst the rainfall amounts were disappointing for some areas, others had enough to generate some fresh new shoots.

“After a significant rainfall event, annual plants will germinate and surviving perennial plants will start producing leaves and tillers,” Callen said.

“This early growth or ‘green pick’ is high in water content and low in dry matter,” he said.

“Grazing paddocks too early will not only reduce the pastures ability to grow, but will also have a negative effect on livestock performance.

“It’s important to continue feeding or supplementing until there is enough dry matter in the pasture to adequately sustain livestock.”

Central West Local Land Services District Vet Sarah Maher said she would be happy to answer any questions on pasture and nutrition at the upcoming “Drought Smoko” events.

“We are reintroducing the “Drought Smoko” drop-in sessions to Dubbo to support producers in their decision making by answering questions on pasture assessment and feeding livestock during the drought,” Sarah said.

“We can help producers understand livestock feed requirements and also discuss plants to be wary of which may cause toxicity.

“Some weeds such as cathead and hairy panic can cause acute liver damage with secondary photosensitisation and heliotrope will cause chronic liver damage.”

Seasonal updates will be held on Wednesday, 6 November in Narromine and Warren and Thursday, 7 November at Armatree and Baradine.

The Dubbo Drought Smoko events will be held from 8am-10am on Thursdays at Central West Local Land Services Office on Victoria Street.

To find out more visit the Central West Local Land Services website or phone 1300 795 299.


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