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Managing carbon on the agenda for upcoming conference

Local Land Services is committed to helping farmers in the Central West region understand the potential for innovative farming practices to grow their farming businesses. The Managing Carbon for Profit Conference being held in Dubbo on 4 June will explore new ways for landholders to improve farm efficiencies and profitability.

With the funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program, the interactive and practical forum will feature the latest on-ground research and provide an opportunity for attendees to talk with other farmers to share ideas.

Central West Local Land Services Team Leader Agriculture, Neroli Brennan, said, "Carbon farming is the use of key agricultural practices or land use changes to improve on-farm conditions by increasing the amount of carbon stored in the soil and vegetation (sequestration).

"Through carbon farming we are growing the long-term viability of our agricultural industries and this may allow us to access new markets through proven reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from livestock, soil or vegetation (avoidance).

"As we work with landholders across the region, we're seeing that many of the techniques used in carbon farming are consistent with best practice management approaches for sustainable agriculture that many farmers already implement.

"These practices not only increase natural carbon capture but they can lead to a long term improvement in farm efficiencies and profitability." Neroli said.

Attendees will hear from leading experts including Palaeoclimatologist (study of past climates) Dr Bradly Opdyke and NSW Department of Primary Industries Carbon Specialist, Susan Orgill. Also among the speakers will be innovative farmers such as Landcarer of the Year 2018 David Marsh, who will show real-world examples of how increasing soil carbon has improved his soil health.

An expert panel will lead discussions about cover cropping, pasture and grazing management, economics of management and farmer driven demonstrations and research.

Attendees can make contact with service providers and other farmers who can help make the most of farm businesses now and into the future. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased online.