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NSW Government support continues with Local Land Services rates relief

Landholders across NSW will soon receive their Local Land Services rates notices in the mail but this year, there will be a welcome number – zero.

The NSW Government’s Drought Relief Package, announced in 2018, included relief for Local Land Services rates for this year (along with some other charges), providing welcome assistance for drought impacted rural and regional landholders.

Central West General Manager Andrew Mulligan, said that while rates are a vital source of income for Local Land Services - supporting the organisation’s biosecurity, emergency response and animal health work across NSW – it is important at this time to provide full support to landholders who are focusing on getting back on their feet following one of the worst droughts on record.

“Rates are an essential part of a secure and productive landscape and the Local Land Services team is committed to continuing to provide our essential services to the communities that we operate in, particularly under the recent drought conditions,” Andrew said.

The work supported by rates includes:

  • supporting landholders to control pests and meet their legal obligations
  • our vets’ animal health programs
  • our biosecurity and surveillance programs which limit and prevent pest and disease incursions
  • supporting agriculture and animals during emergencies
  • supporting stock identification and traceability systems
  • managing travelling stock reserves.

“The work of our biosecurity officers and district vets is essential for our region’s agricultural industry and wider landscape health, particularly when the land itself is struggling to recover from drought,” Andrew said.

“The relief provided in relation payment of rates and some charges will still mean that landholders will have access to the technical experts, training and programs to help them manage their land and meet legal obligations.

“Our work in supporting traceability systems such as the national livestock identification system means markets remain confident in our ‘clean and green’ reputation.

“The biosecurity and surveillance programs we run limit and prevent the incursions of pests and diseases.”

“Because of our commitment to being here when it matters, the Local Land Services team is continuing to meet community expectations and deliver a comprehensive service to landholders at this really tough time.”

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