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Since 2009, Central Tablelands and Central West Local Land Services have been a proud supporter of the Enviro-Stories Education Program, publishing 35 books written by students about our region. Created by PeeKdesigns, Enviro-Stories has provided an educational experience in the Local Land Service regions for the purpose of creating school readers that have been written about local issues, by local kids, for local kids.

Over the years, many of our local students have had the opportunity to participate in this program. Students have learnt about their local environment and connected with their cultural heritage. They have written and illustrated a wide range of stories, both fictional and non-fictional, about their experiences and incorporating what they have learnt into their stories. This have been a great achievement for the students and the schools involved and we thank them all for being a part of this program.

Teacher Resource Kits

The following resource kits have been developed for use in the classroom. Each kit consists of information sheets, teacher’s notes and activity sheets that can be used in the classroom. Syllabus links have been provided for each activity. Both NSW and Australian Curriculum links have been referenced throughout the kit. Answers have been provided at the end of the kits for some of the activities.

2015 Feral Animals - Central West and Central Tablelands Local Land Services partnered with Invasive Animals CRC to roll out the “Feral Animals” program. Student participants had the opportunity to learn about and create stories that focus on feral animals and the problems they are causing to the environment in their local area. Stories

2014 Tools Totems Tucker -This program has provided many opportunities for schools to link with their community to explore Aboriginal culture within the region. Stories

2013 Save Our Species - The focus of this program was to encourage student investigations into threatened plants, animals and communities within the Australian environment. Stories

2012 Our Farmers, Our Future- This program encourages students to take a closer look at local farming environments and embraces the celebration of the Australian Year of the Farmer. Stories

2011 Aussie Bush Tale- This education kit has been developed to encourage student investigations into the animals and plants that live in the Australian bush. Stories

2010 Fur and Fins, Feet and Beaks - This kit has been developed to encourage student investigations into the creatures of their local creeks. Stories

2009 Creepy Crawlies -This education kit has been developed to encourage student investigations into the world of insects that live in the soil and leaf litter. Stories