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Serrated tussock - a producer's perspective

Euchareena landholder Peter Wykes talks on practical control of serrated tussock

Topics covered

In his talk, Peter covers topics such as:

  • serrated tussock seed spread
  • boom vs spot spraying chemical control
  • using a quick spray
  • keeping on top of serrated tussock and marking plants
  • all year round spraying - preventing seed set
  • disadvantages of mattock control
  • best time of year for spraying
  • disadvantages of dyes
  • spot spraying technique
  • when it gets too bad
  • learning from mistakes
  • start of better country first
  • a regional problem
  • using pasture seed
  • benefits of groundcover.

Spend 10 minutes to hear the practical elements of a successful serrated tussock control program.

This presentation was recorded at the serrated tussock control workshop held in Mudge in 2016 in partnership with SheepConnect, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Mid-Western Regional Council.