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Locust swarm activity in central west - report your locust sightings

Swarm activity is now being reported across several areas within the Central West Local Land Services region. Biosecurity Officers are validating swarm densities, the environmental factors and locations.

Landholders need to contact Local Land Services to report any locust activity on their land.

An effective locust response relies on community support and reporting, according to Senior Biosecurity Officer Rhett Robinson.

"We are working with the landholder community to manage locusts before they become a larger problem," said Mr Robinson.

"If you see any locust activity, please contact your local office or visit our website to lodge online.

"A Biosecurity Officer will respond with a phone call or a site visit within 48 hours of your report being received - currently our response time is 24 hours or less."

This is the standard set by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) - the lead agency with plague locust control. Local Land Services is the coordination support agency.

Chemical volume and type is issued according to the infestation size and the species. Chemical will not be issued over the counter (as per DPI Policy and Procedure) without a prior inspection or prior arrangement from staff.

"In the early stages of the campaign, chemical will not be issued without an inspection," said Mr Robinson.

"This is a requirement of legislation and to determine species and size of the problem across the local area."

Landholders need to have a current AQF3 chemical user card to apply chemical.

Landholders are required to sign for all chemical issued and expected to comply with the label recommendations. No person has yet been refused chemical in the 2014-15 campaign.

Central West Local Land Services will continue to work with the community to manage the issue.

To watch a video and hear from Central West Local Land Services Staff on locust management visit

Caption: Senior Biosecurity Officer Rhett Robinson in one of the swarm sites. Available on requests.

Media contact: Rod Campbell, Communications Officer (0447 430 160