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Sustainable Land Management at Lalli Farms

Under the Land Management Code, mid-north coast berry producer, Lalli Farms is able to expand into a new winter cropping thornless blackberry variety and harness new market opportunities.

Using the Equity section of the Land Management Code, Nerinderjeet (known as Nick) Lalli can significantly upscale blackberry production, ensuring ongoing viability of his enterprise and greater local employment.

Lalli Farms will be managing a set aside area for pests and weeds and helping ensure healthy biodiversity for the area, supporting species such as native bees that also assist in the fruit growing.

"With the blackberries we found this year in the peak season I was employing around 70 workers for the one hectare. In providing new varieties that can cover the work over a 12 month period, well for the workers, that's all they want. Everybody wins. I have security, they have security."

– Nick Lalli, Lalli Farms

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